Creation of the visual part and elements that make up the publication, such as format, illustrations, photos, colors, typography and other details before the final production, always focusing on concepts previously aligned with the client.


After the approval of the project, we set up all the pages of the publication based on the rules defined during the creation of the graphic part. We applied images and assembled the publication completely, uniting the visual aspects established in the graphic project and including the editorial trinity: text, language and content. Furthermore, it is during this process that we apply all corrections pointed out by the author, editor or reviewer.


From the target audience and the main subject of the work, we created a relevant cover with the potential to stand out in front of your audience. The cover can be books, catalogs, magazines or any other publication. Our goal is to develop an attractive concept and execute a coherent layout in typologies, colors and graphic finishes.


With a focus on the style defined during the graphic design, we point out the appropriate illustrator to work on the work or carry out the development internally. We have several partner artists who have different styles, and our group of partners just grows.


This is the stage where we manage the finalization and delivery of the graphic process. We follow all the progress of production and handling in graphics to present a product consistent with the editorial project as a whole.


We manage the entire production of your publication, following a process that goes from the first care with the text to the delivery of the final material. We coordinate the content related to the text and organize deadlines with reviewers, designers and all suppliers involved in the project.